Central Core


Central Core is in beautiful Pismo Beach, California. The 1,600 square feet studio features a group Pilates equipment floor and a group exercise floor for TRX Suspension Training and more. The studio is easily accessible from Highway 101, using the Wadsworth Avenue or Price Street exits.

Available state of the art equipment includes five Reformer/Tower combinations, one Reformer/Cadillac combination, one Stability Chair combination, six jump boards, eight TRX Suspension Training units, two TRX Rip Training units, and various props such as foam rollers, weights, BOSUs, stability balls, fitness rings, and rotational disks.


Central Core aims to holistically enhance the wellbeing of its clients by providing expert instruction on purposeful equipment in a stimulating environment.

We pledge to provide clients with individualized and goal-oriented programs taking place in private or group settings. With the highest quality of staff and equipment, we will continually work to provide fresh and innovative programs in a non-intimidating atmosphere.


All non-promotional services have a 6-months expiration date from date of purchase.
All services require 24 hour cancelation notice.
All services require pre-payment to guarantee availability.


Given the importance of form and technique to physical exercise in conjunction with the plethora of new gyms, studios, and instructors, Central Core advises anyone interested in taking classes to understand the differences in teaching methods and qualification levels before making a selection. This not only helps to make an educated choice, but also aligns mindset and goals with training and outcome.

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